11 Benefits Of Lemon Water You Didn’t Know About

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Lemons are one of the most potent natural medicines, they are fresh and tasty, ans that’s why people love them and use them in their everyday life. They are versatile citrus fruits because they can be used in many different ways to help people with their overall health. There are many articles about the benefits of consumption of water mixed with lemon, and after some analysis we have created a list for you of all he benefits that whater lemon can provide:


  1. It Helps You Rehydrate

In the past, people have been using lemon water in order to get rid of the symptoms caused by dehydration. When people are involved in physical activity they lose a lot of electrolytes when thy are sweating. That is why you need an increased water intake in order to redehydrate your body,but using several slices of organic lemon in the water will accelerate harmonization of the electrolyte content in the body.

  1. Your Liver Will be Grateful

Lemon water is one of the best ways to optimize the work of your liver. It will boost the function of enzymes and it will help in elimination of the toxins, but also will neutralize the effects of bad bacteria.

  1. Good for The Eyes

Our parents always advised us to eat carrots because they are good for our eyes. However, parents should give their children lemons as well because they are citrus fruits, loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C and this combination has the ability to protect the eye from macular degeneration and cataracts.

  1. Lemon Water Boosts The Digestive Health

The basis of our overall health is a healthy and fully functional digestive system. That is why you should drink a glass of lemon water in the morning in order to accelerate the work of the digestive system and help get rid of toxins. Lemons will help you achieve that because they are packed with pektin fiber, compounds crucial for the health of our colons.

  1. Lemon Water for Soft and Smooth Skin

As we all know, drinking a lot of water keeps your skin hydrated, softer and smoothes. If you add lemon juice, it will give you the same benefits, but they would be even more intense. Drinking lemon water will help you reduce wrinkles and blemishes because lemons are loaded with antioxidants.

  1. Speeds Up the Metabolism

If you want to lose some pounds and to make crucial changes in your diet, lemon water is the right solution for you. It will speed up the metabolism and most importantly, it will suppress food cravings because lemons are loaded with pectin fiber.

  1. Replace Your Morning Coffee

Most of the people when they get up in the morning, the first thing they drink is coffee because they need an energy boost, but the truth is that the effects of coffee last for 2-3 hours top,after which people feel rapid decrease of energy. . If you use lemon water instead of morning coffee for 15 days, you will notice that you feel fresh, alert and energetic all the time.

  1. Rich in Potassium

Beside bananas, lemons are also packed with huge amount of potassium which is very important mineral. This mineral is among 5 most abundant mineral in our body, so drinking lemon water will optimize the work of the heart, muscles, kidney and brain.

  1. Get Protection from Diseases and Disorders

Eventhough you cannot prevent common colds for completely, drinking lemon water on a daily basis will decreases the chances of getting the cold and even when you have, it will last for a short period of time. This is because lemons contain vitamin C which is one of the bes protectors when it comes to viral infections.

  1. Beats Inflammation Fast

When we are injured in some way, our body responds with inflammation which is a natural reaction. However, there is also a chronic inflammation which is one of the major causes for many serious diseases and in many cases this inflammation was associated with high acidity. Lemon water has the ability to reduce acidity in the body and aid the body’s efforts to eliminate excess uric acid which leads to inflammation.

  1. Keeps The pH Balance

Eventhough lemons are acidic fruits, they does not increase the acidity in the body. It is completely opposed, because when the content of lemons mixed with water reaches the bloodstream it produces alkalizing effects. How can this activity help us? People need acid in order to support food digestion, but they also need to maintain healthy pH levels because excess acid can make us more susceptible to different conditions including diabetes and high cholesterol.



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