15 Foods To Do And Don’t Eat On An Empty Stomach

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According to experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it provides the nutrients necessary for the entire day. So to give a good kick to your day you should carefully choose proper ingredients. In the list below you will find which foods you should and shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach.

DO- Eggs

Since they are high in protein and nutrients that boost metabolism and provide high energy levels, eggs are excellent breakfast choice. They also cut your daily calories intake.

DO- Watermelon

Watermelon supports eye and heart health because it contains water and lycopene.

DO- Oatmeal

Oatmeal prevents damage and irritation of the stomach because it contains hydrofluoric acid. It is rich in soluble fiber, reducing cholesterol levels and boosting matabolism making it a great breakfast choice.

DO- Blueberries

Rich in nutrients, blueberries can boost your metabolism, regulate your blood pressure as well as improve your memory, focus and concentration.

DO- Cornmeal Porridge

This food will detox your system, eliminate heavy metals and toxins from your body, enhance the intestinal microflora. It is a great breakfast  since it can also provide you with nutrients and boost your energy levels.

DO- Honey

Honey gives you focus and productivity during the day, but it also boosts your energy, shakes the organism, improves mood and supports the production of seratonin.

DO- Buckwheat

High in vitamins, minerals, iron and protein buchwheat can boost your metabolism and energy levels.

DO- Nuts

Eating nuts for breakfast can help your digestion and regulate pH levels in the stomach.

DON’T- Citrus Fruits

These foods can lead to gastric ulcers, gastritis and heartburn. Although they are rich in vitamin C, try to avoid eating oranges, lemons and grapefruits for breakfast.

DON’T- Spicy Food

When consumed as breakfast, spicy foods can lead to heartburn, damage the gastric mucosa and irritate the digestive system.

DON’T- Banana

Bananas boost the magnesium levels in the blood which leads to blood issues. If you want to eat it for breakfast, mix it with honey, blueberry and nuts.

DON’T- Sodas and Carbonated Beverages

Being high in sugar, this is the worst breakfast choice you could make. They will bloat you and slow down your metabolism.

DON’T- Green Veggies

Thesse foods can cause abdominal pain, heartburn and flatulance since they contain amino acids.

DON’T- Tomatoes

Avoid eating tomatoes for breakfast. Rich in tannic acid, they may cause gastric ulcer, heartburn or irritate your stomach.

DON’T- Pear

Eating pears for breakfast can cause a stomachache or damage the mucous membrane since they are rich in crude fiber.


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