24 Incredible Facts Why Hydrogen Peroxide Should Be In Every Home

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Chemists claim that hydrogen peroxide is inorganic compound made of 2 hydrogen and 2 oxygen atoms. It has strong and oxidative properties which is why it is often used as disinfecting agent by the people. Hydrogen peroxide dissolved in water can kill off viruses, bacteria, fungi and many other gers.


Here are some of the most practical uses of hydrogen peroxide.

1.Disinfectant for wounds – in medicine, hydrogen peroxide is used as disinfectant for pen cuts, wounds and lacerations before stiches. 3% of solution should be prepared for particular use.

2.Bath – add hydrogen peroxide in your hot bath in order to remove dangerous chemicals and toxins from your body. Pour one liter of 3% hydrogene peroxide in your bath and soak yourself for at least half an hour.

3.Fungal infections on feet – all you have to do is to make a solution of hydrogen peroxide with ratio 50:50 and soak your feet in this solution every night before going to bed. Keep your feet dry as much as you can because the infection can easily return.

4.Removal of ear wax – ear wax accumulates in the external auditory canal which is sealing the pathway of sound to the tympanic membrane. In a severe case, the treatment would require a water jet propulsion device that will help in taking the clot out of the cabal. All you have to do is to apply a few drops of the solution inside your canal and wait until you start feeling crackling sensation.

Also, hydrogen peroxide can be used in teeth whitening, enema, hair lightening and cleaning contact lenses.
Personal care:

5.Mouth washing – use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, just take a capful of the solution, the cap of the bottle is ideal. Hold the solution in your mouth for 10 minutes and then spit it out. All those nasty canker sores will be gone and your smile will be amazing. Always use 3% solution.

6.Toothpaste – make a perfect natural toothepase with 3% hydrogen peroxide in combination with some baking soda.

7.Toothbrush –just soak your toothbrush into 3% hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth normally. It will keep you safe from germs.

8.Toothache –if you have problems with severe toothache, hydrogen peroxide is the right solution for you since it has stong antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It destroys the pathogen which trigger the infection. Just rinse your cavity with hydrogen peroxide several times a day and use coconut oil once per day as additional helping agent. If you are having instant toothache and you can’t go to the dentist, put a capful of 5% hydrogen peroxide into your oral cavity and hold it in for 10 minutes. Repet this several times and the pain will dissapear.

9.Teeth whitening – all you have to do is to apply 3% hydrogen perozide for some time, and your teeth will become whiter.

10.Douche –prepare a combination of warm distilled water and 2 capful of 3% hydrogen peroxide and use it once a week for treating yeast infections. If this works, do it twice a week.

11.Enema or colonic – for colonic, add 8 oz. of the solution to 5 gallons of warm water, while for eneme, add tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide to a quart of warm distilled water.

12.Lightening of hair – beside being great for bleeching, it is also great for boosting the volume of your hair with few highlghts. Just prepare 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and spray it on your wet hair, after showring. Then just comb your hair. It will give you excellent natural highlights, but do not expect drastic change since it will lighten your hair gradually.

13.Contact lenses – Due to its chemical which has power to break down the protein build- ups on the lenses, HP has role as disinfectant in CIBA Vision’s clear care solution for contact lenses. It is amazing for sensitive eyes.

Cleaning/ Disinfection/ Sanitizing

14.Dishwasher – in order to disinfect your dishwasher, add 2 oz. of hydrogen peroxide to your regular washing products.

15.Kitchen and other household surfaces – all you have to do is to put a bit of the solution on your cleaning cloth and wipe the surface with it. For instance, prepare a solution of 50/50 3% hydrogen peroxide and keep in in bottle. It is perfect for kitchen surfaces as well as for your bathroom areas. Salmonella and any other microbes can be destroyed after you clean your wooden board for cutting. And in the end, in the final phase of cleaning spray some vinegar.

Moreover, you can also clean the inside of the refrigerator or your lunch boxes. It can also be used for cleaning mirrors or glass.

16.Humidifiers/ steamers –you can make a solution of one gallon of water and a pint of hydrogen peroxide and pour it in your steamer or humidfifier.

17.Washing/ laundry –instead of using bleach for whitening your clothes, just add cup of hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, you can add some hydrogen peroxide directly on blood stains in order to clean it.

18.Removing stains/ laundry – if you have blood stain on your clothes for 2 days, just put a little amount of hydrogen peroxide, it will start bubbling up and it will clean your stain. It is happening due to the reaction with catalase. Wait for a few minutes and wipe up the excess liquid with paper towel or cloth. The stain will disappear.

Have in mind that hydrogen peroxide bleaches and discolors fabrics.

Food preparation

19.Food preparation/ decontamination – the best way to clean and disinfect cooking and food preparation surfaces is hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Some tests were done at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University by few experts and they matched vinegar and hydrogen peroxide mists.

The combination of these 2 ingredients worked very well and eliminated E.Colli, Shigella and Salmonella on contaminated food products and surfaces.

20.Vegetables soak – wash your vegetables with this solution in order to neutralize harmful chemicals and destroy microorganism. Just fill your sink with cold water and add quarter container of 3% hydrogen peroxide in it.

After that, soak the skinned vegetables such as lettuce for 20 minutes. For ticked skinned vegetables, like cucumbers for example you need a half an hour. In the end, rinse the vegetable with water, dry it and store it in the fridge.

If you don’t have the time to wash them, just spray your ingredients with solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Leave it for a couple of minutes, rinse it and dry it well.

21.Meat sanitizing –Rinse off the meat using hydrogen peroxide before cooking it.

22.Leftover salad – prepare a solution of one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a half a cup of water, drain it and cover it well. Store the salad in the fridge.

23.Marinades – place fish, beef, poultry and pork in a casserole, combine equal parts of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide and pour the solution over the meat. Keep it for 30 minutes in the fridge. Rinse it of well next and continue with the cooking.

24Sprouting seeds – prepare a mixture of one ounce of 3%hydrogen peroxide and a pint of water, douse the seeds overight. After that, every time you rinse of the seeds, add the same amount of hydrogen peroxide.

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