4 Acupressure Points That Can Alleviate Hiccups Immediately

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We all know that hiccups come and go and they are not life-treatening, but in some cases, they literally cause pain. Beside being painful, they are also annoying and in some people they even cause nausea and vomiting. Most commonly, they are caused after drinking carbonated beverages, drinking alcohol, consuming fast food or even sudeen changes in temperature. They are caused by spasm in the diaphragm.


Mayo Clinic explains that each contraction of a hiccup is followed by a fast and complete closure of the vocal cords which actually causes your voice to make a “hic” sound. A burst of air goes into the lungs before the epiglottis closes, which traps the air in.

In most of the cases, they last less then an hour and as they dissapear they become weaker. There are some common ways to get rid of hiccups such as holding your breath, eating a tablespoon of sugar, drinking water upside down.

In this article, we will present you some of the methods that will help you get rid of hiccups very quickly. It is amazing how with just one simple touch of a pressure point, hiccups can be relieved quickly and effectively.

  1. Face Point

All you have to do is to place your finger on your philtrum, the area between the top of your lip and the base of your nose. After that, you need to press this point firmly and push it towards your teeth. Hold this pressure for about 30 minutes and then release it.

  1. Chest Point

You need to locate your sternum which is the bone in the middle of your chest that connects your ribs together. Once you have located your sternum, use your fingers to walk upon the sternum until you find its ending point. Next, apply pressure to this bone for under thirty seconds. You don’t have to press it too hard, just enough to feel the pressure. LiveStrong notes that the sternum is fragile, so it should not be pressed too firmly.

  1. Abdomen Point

First of all you need to locate your belly button and your pubic bone. Between these two spots, there is a pressure point that can be pushed to relieve hiccups. You can find it right in the center of this line. This is also where you may push for the Heimlich Maneuver. Make sure to lie flat on your back before pressing this point for about 20 to 30 seconds in order to get the optimal effect.

  1. Hand Point

Use your fist in order to reveal 2 vessels located on the inner forearm. is a dent in the skin that is located closer to the wrist. You can locate the pressure point between these 2 vessels, which is about 3 fingers in length towards the elbow. Hold this point for 30 seconds. Beside being useful for relieving hiccups, this pressure point also can relieve nausea.

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