4 Warning Signs You May Be A Victim Of HIV

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Pain in the muscles

Muscle ache and pain in the hands, back and leg joints that debilitate even simple daily chores may be indications to having HIV. Beware. If you have unbearable excruciating pain in the joints and muscles together seek medical assistance immediately.


Fever and sweating

If you experience fever ranging between 37.6*C and 38.2*C (99.8*F and 100.8*F) initially it may appear very normal. But a prolonged period with this temperature along with excessive sweating in the night may be pointers to early stage of HIV infection. Check out on your Medical Practitioner without any further delay.

Short Term Memory loss

Though this is a symptom caused during advanced stages of HIV, if you have any symptoms, better check up. For all you know, any serious ailment may cause short term memory loss.

Unmanageably extreme fatigue

If you are basically an active person and you notice yourself getting bogged down with tiredness all of a sudden in the recent times, go in for a check up to find out if you are HIV positive.



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