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A firm and well-toned bust is undeniably a thing of beauty. Many women think of their busts as an asset that should appear well-shaped for sheer cosmetic purposes. But looking beyond these limited perceptions, a woman’s bust is more than a thing of beauty. In fact, its shape is kind of a sneak peak into her lifestyle choices. If you are looking for some tips to maintain a firm and healthy bust, understanding the structure of your breasts and what activities can cause adverse effects on its appearance is essential.

If you leave aside the aesthetic and sensual ardor associated with breasts, you get down to the fact that they are made of fat, apart from glandular tissues, blood capillaries, and some fibers that help your breasts stay in place. And, anything from obesity to drastic weight loss, intense exercising, pregnancy, and smoking can cause breast sagging, scientifically called ptosis. Apart from this, with increasing age and the unavoidable gravitational force of earth, your breasts are bound to sag. However, what is in your control is delaying the process and decreasing the degree to which they are going to sag. I know “bound to sag” is not a very nice thing to hear but here are a few measures that you can all take to keep your busts healthy and attractive.

Monitor Your Nutrition – One of the primary triggers for sagging is poor nutrition. Include proteins, vitamin C, and zinc in your diet to cater to your collagen deficiencies. Collagen is the most important component that maintains the elasticity of your skin and decreased collagen leads to ptosis. When it comes to drooping breasts, preventive measures are rather essential. You could also consider taking some collagen supplements, but of course, under medical supervision and only after getting the doctor’s approval.

Check If You Are Wearing The Right Bra Or Not – If you are a well-endowed woman, make sure you choose the right size and the right shape of bra that not only fits well but also supports the bust sufficiently. Ill-fitting bras fail to support sagging breasts. All you women who love to sweat it out, see to it that you wear a proper sports bra before doing any vigorous workout. You are making yourself more vulnerable to ptosis by not giving the support and coverage your bust needs. Encapsulated-type bras prove to be the best for your workouts.

Rectify The Postural Mistakes – As it is said, breasts are not composed of muscles and therefore cannot be tightened by exercise. Nonetheless, you can change your posture to make the busts look less droopy. Stronger shoulder muscles tend to support the breasts ligaments better when they start gradually losing their elasticity. Keep your back straight all the time and avoid hunching either while sitting or standing. Engage your shoulders and core constantly to ensure a steady posture.

Make Your Weight Loss/ Gain Gradual – Drastic loss or gain of weight poses serious threats to skin and its elasticity. To understand this, I will give you an example of a rubber band. When you pull the rubber band to some extent, it regains its elasticity, but when you pull it beyond an extent, the rubber band doesn’t go back its original shape – just like the skin. Avoid crash diets and erratic food habits. Apart from taking a toll on your entire body, they cause irreparable damage to your skin and specifically to your bust.

Protect Your Skin From Sun – Unprotected exposure to the sun accelerates the aging of the skin. When you decide to flaunt off your cleavage, remember to use an appropriate sunscreen that suits your skin. Otherwise, there is a risk of faster aging, wrinkling, and loss of elasticity in the breasts, causing them to sag.

There is no way we can stop aging, and neither can we avoid its consequences, but while youth is on our side, we can do a lot to retain the firmness of our breasts for slightly longer. Right dietary and lifestyle choices ensure overall harmony, well-toned and appealing busts being just a part of the package. Moreover, a well-balanced diet allows you to age more gracefully. I make it a point to double check what kind of lingerie I clad my body in, particularly when I exercise. What preventive measures are you going to take to prevent your breasts from sagging?


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