5 Surprising Reasons Why You Need To Stop Throwing Away That Pickle Juice (Such a Waste)

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Many people, when they have finished their jar of tasty pickles, pour the salty, vinegary liquid into the sink. However, a few intelligent people have found ways in which you can use this liquid, such as prevention of muscle cramps, helping athletes to have a better performance, and some other kitchen uses.

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The following are just a few everyday uses for pickle brine:

  1. A post – Workout Drink

According to NBC News, sports medicine professionals guarantee that pickle brine alleviates muscle cramps and restores the electrolytes we lose during intense trainings.

Researches have proved that pickle juice treats muscle cramps cause by workouts if you drink enough of it.

  1. A Vinegar Substitute

As the pickle juice contains vinegar as one of its main ingredients, it is a good vinegar emergency replacement. You can also filter it and use it for cleaning.

You can also include it in marinades, salad dressings and bread dough. Take a look at recipes that contain pickle juice in The Kitchen’s guide to culinary uses.

  1. Hangover Cure

We all know that excessive alcohol use can dehydrate your organism and pickle juice brings your levels of sodium where they should be. Take sip before going to sleep.

  1. PMS Remedy

It hydrates your body and relieves stomach cramps. You only need to drink ¼ cup of pickle juice.

  1. Heartburn Relief

Like apple cider vinegar can help relieve heartburn, pickle juice can be helpful as well because it contains vinegar. Just take a sip before every meal and wait to feel the difference.

How To Recycle The Brine

You can use pickle brine again for pickling more cucumbers or some other vegetables, including radishes, summer squash, and hard boiled eggs in the fridge. First see if the juice is clear as it shouldn’t be murky.

You shouldn’t re-use pickle brine more than 3 times as it will lose its brine volume and dirt may appear in it, so it will be unhealthy for further use.

Now that you’ve read about the ways you can use pickle juice you know that next time, instead of throwing it, you can drink it or put it in a cocktail, use it in cooking or recycle it to make fridge pickle

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