6 Dangerous Dish Soaps That Are Full Of Cancer-Causing Chemicals!

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Nowadays, there are numerous different dish soaps on the market which are supposed to clean our dishes and kill bacteria. Unfortunately, most of the commercial dish soaps are in fact filled with hazardous chemicals which have negative impact on our overall health.

The chemicals found in commercial dish soaps are: ammonium sulfate, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, silicate salts, and certain fragrances.

Dangerous dish soap you should avoid includes:

  • Meyers
  • Legacy of Clean
  • Cucina
  • Palmolive
  • Dawn
  • Ajax

Most of the commonly used soaps like Palmolive contain silicate salts which may cause both skin and eye irritation, but they are also extremely dangerous when inhaled or consumed. Even though the FDA recognized them as safe, there are still concerns when it comes to allergic reactions, respiratory issues and organ system toxicity.

Ajax, Dawn, Palmolive and many other brands contain formaldehyde in their content which is being ranked as a major factor for skin allergies, irritation and even cancer. Moreover, this chemical can also trigger asthma, respiratory issues, eye damage, skin burns and general systematic organ effects.

Both Palmolive and Ajax contain sulfuric acid which can cause skin allergies, irritation, skin burns, eye damage and dermatitis. The worst part is that it can also lead to the development of cancer. Once again, FDA recognized it as safe, but still there are warnings that it should be avoided whenever it’s possible.

Almost all types of cosmetics contain pentasodium pentetate which can cause irritations and damage your eyes as well. Even though it has been considered as safe, the best solution would be to avoid contact as much as possible.

Palmolive and Ajax both contain ammonium sulfate. The EWG suggests that this chemical is of some concern. Specifically, it is a skin irritant and there are risks for asthma/respiratory issues and cancer.

As we already mentioned, different brands like Cucina, Legacy of Clean, Ajax, Dawn, Meyers and Palmolive contain all of the abovementioned harmful chemicals which can lead to many health conditions. This is why you need to avoid their usage as much as you can and opt for more natural alternatives.

Here is a list of safer soap to use:

  • Seventh Generation
  • Better Life
  • Puracy
  • Ecover
  • Method

The best solution however, is to prepare your own dish soap because then you will certainly know and choose exactly what goes into it.


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