6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Sciatic Pain Naturally

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Sciatic pain can make a hell out of ordinary everyday tasks and life in general. The sciatic nerve is the longest one in our body, running down from the pelvis to the feet.

Pain occurs due to irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve as a result of a slipped disk. Emitting pain from the lower back straight down to the feet is a consequence of the condition.

Usually, the pain fades away on its own but can continue to exist in some cases.

Typically, doctors treat this condition with anti-inflammatory medications, strong prescription drugs or injections of painkillers directly into the spine.

Since powerful prescription drugs are not so befitting (or preferable) for everybody, there are but a few safe ways to alleviate sciatic pain naturally.

6 Natural Relievers for Sciatic Pain

1. Exercise

Reduce the pain by doing some stretching exercises that will stimulate the sciatic nerve as well as increase the flexibility in the lower back.

The simplest and easiest exercise for a good stretch in the lower back includes lying flat on the floor, bending the knees and bringing them up to the chest.

Talk to your physiotherapist if you want to create a complete exercise regimen that will work best for you.

2. Chiropractic

The principle of this complementary medicine system is based on the diagnoses that various aspects of health can be affected by manipulative treatments on the joints misalignments.

Spinal cord adjustments are a reliable pain reliever. According to several studies, people with sciatica can relieve their radiating and local lower back pain by chiropractic manipulation.

A recent survey of complementary methods for back pain by the National Institutes of Health reports that chiropractic is a common alternative for handling back pain.

Furthermore, 66% out of 74% who had used it, reported it to be ‘enormous benefits.’

3. Acupuncture

The process of energy flow balance restoration through the insertion of fine needles in specific points, thus stimulating the body.

Acupuncture (both as a supplement and alone) is an excellent conventional treatment that has the ability to decrease the sciatic pain noteworthy, scientists explain.

This type of therapy is considered to increase serotonin and noradrenaline levels, which in turn speeds up nerve restoration by releasing pain-relieving endorphins, thus decreasing pain.

4. Homeopathy

Homeopathy offers various natural remedies for treating sciatic pain.

For instance, Chamomile is best for left side sciatica which includes numbness, while colchicum is best for right side sciatica, which involves darting pain down the leg.

Other traditional medicinal plants in homeopathy treatments are iris, bitter apple, and St. John’s wort. However, for the most suitable treatment, it’s best if you consult your homeopathic doctor.

5. Osteopathy

A medical system that focuses on repairing damage in the muscles and joints by a host of diverse methods, including body awareness sessions, spinal manipulation, exercise routines, and exercises.

Scientists say that the efficacy of osteopathy for decreasing back and leg pain, as well as the disability of sciatic people, is similar to chemonucleolysis (a herniated disc treatment).

Only medical doctors that have a license practice osteopathy in the U.S., which is not the case for the rest of the world where professionals only need to obtain osteopathic techniques to use the treatment.

6. Ayurveda

For pain relief, Ayurveda embraces a vast variety of natural herbs like garlic, erand, nirgundi, vistinduk, and guggul.

Medications that consist of these herbs require that they are taken orally. Additionally, steam fomentation and massages can be a part of the therapy.

Ayurveda often suggests that you act towards sciatica using enema therapy. Бut, first you need to dispatch the waste material from the body in order to manage the pain better.

Another way to boost the efficacy of enema therapy is to combine it with nirgundi. It works like a charm for sciatic pain treatment.

Feel free to implement any of the above techniques if you or anyone you know experiences annoying sciatic pain.

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