6 Most Common Arthritis Causes

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Doctors usually list a few common causes of arthritis such as inflammation, genetics, etc., but they fail to mention the following 6 causes of arthritis which are extremely important if you want to prevent this terrible condition.

Smoking: We are all well aware of the fact that smoking rips our lungs to shreds. Arthritis & Rheumatism published a study which shows that smokers have double the risk of developing arthritis than non-smokers.

Eating Red Meat: According to Dorothy Pattison of National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, the consumption of red meat on a regular basis doubles the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis since the saturated fat bumps up inflammation.

Not Enough Vitamin C: Vitamin C deficiency leads to arthritis. The researchers at Duke University discovered that people who lack vitamin C have higher chances of developing osteoarthritis.

Watching TV:  Leading a sedentary lifestyle and watching TV all the time leads to obesity and arthritis. So in order to prevent that, limit your TV watching to an hour or less per day.

Being Alone: People should definitely be more connected with other people in order to prevent the risk of struggling with severe arthritis.

According to the results of the research conducted at the University of Oxford, isolated people had more severe rheumatoid arthritis than those with a strong social network.

Allergies: Certain allergies can cause severe pain in your joints, since they make your body’s immune system go haywire, thus causing inflammation spiral out of control.

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Source: fhfn.org

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