6 Strong Reasons Why Your Belly Fat Doesn’t Go Flat, And Here’s How To Change That

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Many people have problems with losing excess weight. One of the most problematic area is the stomach. Some people are trying extreme workout and diets in order to destroy belly fat. However most of them cannot achieve the desired results.

Belly Fat Doesn't Go Flat

There are many reasons for that. We present you some of them.

1. Sleep deficiency

If you sleep less than 6 hours every day you can gain weight. One study conducted on 70.000 women said that women who sleep less than 5 hours or 5 hours only can gain approximately 30 pounds.

2. Wrong exercises

If you do not do the proper workout you won’t be able to reduce fat. Crunches won’t help you to have a flat stomach.

You should do different functional exercises that will use the back, pelvic, abdominal and oblique muscles. With these exercises you will burn more fat and calories.

   3. Age

Some changes happen when we age. One of the changes is slow metabolism. When the metabolic rate reduces, you will gain more weight.

Women also have problems with belly fats when they are in the phase of menopause, because the production of progesterone and estrogen hormones is reduced.

4. Processed foods

Chips, crackers, white bread and sweetened drinks won’t help you to lose weight. These are processed foods that can only raise the inflammation in your organism. You should eat and drink only natural foods and drinks.

5. Unhealthy fats

If you do not eat the proper fats you will gain weight as well. In order to lose fat you should eat fat – the good fats. The saturated fats that are found in meat and dairy products can only raise the inflammation.

Instead of that you should eat healthy fats that can be found in olive oil. fatty fish, avocados and walnuts.

6. Stress

It is weird but stress can be the reason for gaining weight. If you are stressed out you will opt for high-calorie foods. The cortisol level will increase and that is related to visceral fats.

There are many reasons for gaining weight and remember that you are able to overcome some of them if you are strong enough to fulfill your dreams.


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