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Real life is not a fairytale – people often get bored and break your trust or cheat on you, which leads to difficult situations that could take a toll on your health.

Whenever you notice some kind of change in your partner’s behavior, you should try to find out what the problem is. It could mean that your partner is sleeping with someone other while lying to you in your face. If your relationship has been shaky and your partner is acting strange, keep an eye out for the following 7 signs:

Continually working late

Staying at work late is one of the oldest tricks in the book of cheaters. However, if staying late at work doesn’t bring extra cash in your home, you should definitely be worried. Most people are shy to ask their partner’s boss in order to make sure they were stuck at work late, but you should do this if your partner is often working extra hours.

Less affection

If your partner suddenly stops his lovemaking relations to you, he\she may have been getting pleasure elsewhere. Having sex with other people will definitely steer your partner out of your bed – declining physical relations are a sure sign that your partner is cheating.

Taking too long to answer texts

Texts are quite easy to reply to, so if your partner takes a while to answer and makes excuses later, you should be worried. The same goes for that new secret lock on their phone.

Taking a shower right after getting home

If your partner showers immediately after coming in, it usually is to wash off another person’s scent. Test your partner – try hugging or kissing him or her after they walk in home and see their reaction. This way you will surely know if they are cheating.

Pay extra attention to their looks

If your partner has suddenly started to pay more attention to their looks, you should be very suspicious as this is one of the sure signs of cheating.

Random gifts

Has your partner been getting random gifts to you recently without an occasion? You may like them, but they can be gifts of guilt, which is why you need to think about their recent behavior. Don’t be blinded by those shiny new earrings – your partner may be sleeping around with someone else.

New bed moves

If he\she has suddenly been putting you in new sex positions, you should try finding out where they have learnt that. There’s a big possibility that they have learned the positions with someone else, if they haven’t found them online.



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