7 Things Your Ears Reveal About You & Your Health!

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People should start paying closer attention to the changes of their body, especially if they are visible because the outside usually warns us about the health issues occurring inside our organism. Even our ears can reveal certain health problems or predict them.

Our ears don’t change much since the day we are born, with exception to the lobe which descends slightly as we age. We all have different shape of ears which means we can indentify someone by their ears, they are quite like fingerprints.

Here’s what your ears reveal about you:

  1. Recessive Or Dominant Genes

Recessive earlobes are those connected directly to the side of your head. On the other hand, those who hang down beyond the point of attachment are called free earlobes and are a dominant trait.

  1. Vitamin Deficiencies

If you notice your ears are constantly pale in color, it means you lack vitamin C or D or you are probably dehydrated.

  1. Coronary Artery Disease

Diagonal earlobe crease indicates that you have a greater risk of developing coronary artery diseases.

  1. Inflammation

If your cartilage of the ear is inflamed and red, it indicates that you are dealing with a diseases known as relapsing polycondritis which is actually a chronic disorder of the cartilage.

  1. Kidney Problems

Red years on a regular basis are a sign of an internal health issue like a kidney disease.

  1. Ear Pain

A frequent ear pain can indicate to a problem with your mouth because the temporomanidibular joint connects your jaw to bones that sit in front of each ear. This means that TMD and TMJ which are mouth disorders can trigger ear pain when you chew, talk or open wide your mouth to brush your teeth.

  1. Brain Disorders

Color of your years can indicate many health issues. As we previously mentioned, red years indicate kidney problem, deep red color indicates memory loss, constant headaches or brain problems.

Source: prohealthytips.com

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