7 Uses Of Baby Oil That No One Knows. The #2 Will Enchant you!

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Baby oil

When we talk about aesthetics, many people immediately think of a salon or an expensive chemical, but the reality is that there is more than one solution that we can have for our body and skin much cheaper and at home

What happens is that not everyone knows the necessary tricks and they are guided by all the commercials and the recommendations of experts of the area, who obviously will suggest to him to obtain products that benefit to them of economic way directly or indirectly.

But there is a product that almost everyone has in our home that is baby oil, not everyone knows but this wonderful oil has many uses and today we are going to show you what they are so you can look beautiful skin and Many other things, let’s see.


These are the uses you can give to baby oil

-Perfect legs

-After you perform your exercise routine, apply a few drops on your legs and spit them with a quick massage.

-Relieves itching of pregnant women

-Those pregnant women who suffer with itchy abdomen can apply a little of this oil and see great results.

-Remove Band-Aids

-Applying only a little of this oil in the area can facilitate the removal of the bandage no matter where it has been placed

-Repels mosquitoes

-If you mix a little of this baby oil with a few drops of disinfectant we can use it to frighten mosquitoes, we recommend you put it in some spray or spreader container.

-Smoothes the skin

-If you soak your feet in water for a few minutes, then soften with pumice and then dry them, we can apply a little baby oil and quickly we put on a stockings, this will make your feet stay radiant and hydrated, no more hard skin.

-Prevent Stretch Marks

-If you apply a little of this oil to your breasts, abdomen or similar areas you can avoid stretch marks due to pregnancy or weight loss.


-Applying this oil after bathing will help your skin stay smooth and shiny.

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