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detox to lose weight

Cleansing is a popular way to help get your body back in great shape by boosting your body’s systems and getting them into running shape! A nice detox can help boost your immune system, battle signs of aging, clear your mind, and even help you lose weight! The only issue for some people is how to start. Below are some great options for an easy and successful detox!

Massage Therapy

Detoxing isn’t always about food! One great way to cleanse your body is to go out and get a nice massage. According to Bembu, the key to a proper cleanse during a massage is finding the pressure points. When massaged, those pressure points are able to release, allowing your body to detox and remove the toxins that were built up in those areas. Be sure that you are receiving your massage from a properly registered massage therapist – they understand the body and know how to properly perform a detoxifying massage.


If you can’t afford to go to the massage parlor, here’s a simpler and cheaper way to detox – fasting! Fasting is the idea of taking a day or sometimes even a week and cleaning your body by only consuming fruits, vegetables, water, and other purely natural foods. Doing this allows the body to “reset” and repair itself, thanks to all of the great nutrients being put in. Performing a fast just once a month or once every few months should do the trick!

Eat More Fiber

Another way to detox effectively is to eat more fiber-rich foods! Out of every other system in our bodies, the digestive tract is one that deals with the most toxic items and is the most likely to still contain some of those not-so-good substances. Eating foods rich in fiber will help to move those things along and clean the digestive tract. This will in turn ward off things like constipation, bloating, and various other digestive issues. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should be actively implemented into your diet to pursue this kind of detox.

Skimp On Sugar

Not sure if you can handle the previous three detox methods, maybe you should consider cutting back on refined sugar. According to Prevention, refined sugar brings upon glycation, a process in which elastin and collagen are damaged. This is not good at all, because those two things are important to the care and maintenance of the skin. So whether it be for a few days, a week, or a few months, try to make a conscious effort to avoid high-sugar foods. If completely abstaining from sugar is too difficult for you to overcome, try an all-natural sweetener such as stevia or honey.


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