8 Common Skin Problems In Men And How To Treat Them Naturally

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Due to being 30 % thicker, men’s skin tend to age later tham women’s. It is stronger and more resistant due to collagen oil and its superior pilous sytem. The oil glands discharge 5 times more secretion than women’s since they are double in number. However, when their skin ages, it happens very suddenlly and they get deeper wrinkles.

Daily shaving

Shaving is aggressive and  it makes the skin dehydrated. It also causes bumps that have small dots of pus on the tip. Thankfully you can get rid of them by having a bath and adding diluted white vinegar or diluted Clorox bleach.

Razor burn

Men that shave often get razor burns. When this happens you should use a cold compress to cool the burning sensation and sooth the skin.  You can also wrap ice cubes in a towl and hold it to the area.


Sunburns are red and can be cured with a natural remedy. Just soak your face in buttermilk.


Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness and red bumps with pus or cysts. You can treat it by washing your face with diluted white vinegar or green tea.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are scars under the skin and men get them on their flanks and armpits. You can treat them with castor oil, aloe vera and egg whites.

Groin rash

When the groin becomes itchy and red you develop a rash. You can treat it with apple cider vinegar .

Athlete’s foot

This condition is caused due to fungi and it causes redness, skin peeling and itchines. It’s uncomfortable and transmitable but it can be cured. Just soak your feet in tea of four ounces of oregano leaves.


Acne can be treated with tea tree oil, green tea extract,alpha hydroxyl acid and aloe vera who will reduce the brakeouts and the inflamation.

To cure skin problems all men have to do is have a healthy life style.


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