8 Drinks To Make Before Bed To Detox Your Liver And Burn Fat All Night Long…

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When we sleep, our body rebuilds and regenerates tissues which is why it is the best time for detoxification. The Traditional Chinese Medicine claims that our liver functions at its optimal capacity between 1 am and 3 am.

This is why we need to ensure the best conditions for proper detoxification while sleeping. The key to effective detoxification is falling asleep around 11 pm.

Yet another extremely important factor is having enough fluids so that the body doesn’t become overloaded with toxins. The best part is that the detoxification process will boost the metabolism which is the key factor for overall health and it will reduce the accumulation of fat as well.

This is why in this article we will present you some drinks which you should drink prior bedtime in order to properly detoxify your body.



It relieves stress, anxiety and prevents racing thoughts which leave you without sleep during the night. You can also add lavender to this tea in order to cut down anxiety even more and calm your nerves.


Rose tea is associated with the meridian of the heart that is connected to our emotions which is why rose is the main symbol of love. This tea actually ensures proper flow of energy from the liver, while improper flow of Qi (or energy) can lead to depression.

In order to get a good night’s rest, relieving depression is essential because unhealthy thoughts lead to consumption of the blood which is necessary for the process of detoxification. Due to its astringent properties, rose tea aids the movement of the blood throughout the body.


This tea improves the digestion since it is a rich source of menthone and menthol. If you overate, peppermint tea is the best solution for you because it will digest the food faster and you will be able to fall asleep in no time. Moreover, due to its powerful healing properties, peppermint tea keeps the liver safe and healthy.


This tea contains sesquiterpene lactone which helps the liver prime its detoxification pathways. Moreover, this tea has the ability to calm the nerves, wind down and fall asleep faster. The best part about chamomile tea are its antioxidant properties which aid the body in dealing with intermediates of detoxification thar can cause higher than normal levels of inflammation in the body.


Since alkalization is extremely important for our overall health, make sure to drink water lemon on a daily basis in order to increase the alkalinity levels in your organism.


It has the ability to improve liver function and strengthen the pancreas, but also to promote better sleep by calming your mind. In this way, your liver will function properly throughout the night.


It is a great nutritional tea and the best time to consume it is during breakfast. It has the ability to eliminate the toxins which is why it is the best choice for the detoxification process.


Once infused in hot water, schizandra berries create an excellent tea which protects the liver from all those hazardous intermediates created through its detoxification pathways.

Schizandra has powerful hepatoprotective capabilities such as lignan content which are excellent for the detoxification process.


Fluids and proper sleep is essential for good detoxification, which is why you need to drink these amazing teas and sleep at least 8 hours per day.


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