8 Signs You Might Had A Stroke And Might Not Know It

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The brain needs blood and oxygen in order to function properly. It will start to bleed and cause an ischemic or hemorrhagic strok If a blood vessel leading to the brain is obstructed. These outcomes are fatal and should not be ignored.

It is very important to learn how to recognize the signs of stroke since strokes are a common death cause. They come in 5th place of most common death causes in the USA.

The following are symptoms of a stroke:

Headaches and migraines

Contact you doctor if you have suffered from a migrane or a headache for alonger period of time.

A sudden onset of fatigue

Having fatigue for a longer period of time is alarming. Follow the fast acronim suggested by The American Stroke Association to recognize symptoms of stroke:

F – face drooping on one side;

A – arm numbness or weakness in one side of the body;

S – speech difficulty. The lack of blood supply to the brain may cause slurred or garbled speech, when a stroke occurs. You may think that you’re speaking clearly, but if someone says that your speech is garbled, take the symptom very serious!

T – time is of the essence in cases of stroke. Call an ambulance immediately as this step is often the thin line between life and death!

You should also note the following simptoms:

Confusion and difficulty thinking

The brain is starved of oxygen and blood when you suffer a stroke. This is the reason you’re confused and unable to speak or think clearly.

Vision problems in one eye

One of the most common symptons of stroke is blurred vision and seeing double in one eye.


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