8 Ways To Fasten The Healing Of Your Bruises!

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Sudden and strong impact which damages the vessels under your skin results in the occurance of bruises. In fact, the blood leaks into the neighbouring tissue and as a result of that, it leads to marks which are purple/blue/black in color and sometimes they can be very painful as well. Bruises appear several minutes after receiving a blow and the healing process can last up to three weeks. However, there is no reason to worry because there are various natural remedies that will help you reduce bruises in no time. Here are some of them:

  1. Vitamin K

You can find this vitamin in dark leafy green vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Make sure to incorporate vitamin K in your daily diet as much as you can to treat bruises. Another great solution is to rub some vitamin K cream directly on the injured area.

  1. Bilberry

Bilberries are abundant in anthocyanosides, which are antioxidants and which make blood vessels stronger and balance the vital collagen. This is essential for the renewal of the skin. It is very important to have strong walls of the capillaries since the bruises form as a consequence of broken capillaries. You can find bilberry extract as supplemental pill form or liquid form.

  1. Parsley

Beside its ability to control inflammation and blood clot, parsley can also reduce pain. In order to do that, you should crush some parlsey leaves and put them directly on the bruise. Secure it with bandage and repeat the same method several hours later.

  1. Warm Water and Vinegar

David Wolfe, a wellness gury suggests people to apply a mixture of warm water and vinegar immediately after the bruise starts to show because vinegar is powerful way of breaking up blood clots.

  1. Herbal Tea Compress

Make sure to use herbal teas for bruises since they are a rich source of tannnis, which is very powerful and able to constrict blood vessels and decrease swollen tissue. All you have to do is to dip a tea bag into hot water and then put it directly on the bruise.

  1. Arnica

Since ancient times, people have been using Arnica as a tretment for swelling and bruises. It is most potent when applied topically, but it can also be found in form of tablets.

  1. Papaya and Pineapple

Bromelain is an enzyme which reduces swelling and blood clots and it is present in both papaya and pineapple. Just add 500 milligrams of bromelain at the minimum every day in order to speed the healing process.

  1. Onion

Onions will help you repair damaged skin cells since they have anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, they also promote pain relief. Just apply onion juice directly on the bruise.

You can treat bruises very easily and the best part is that the needed ingredients are almost always present in your kitchen. It is important to treat the bruises as soon as possible so that they can heal faster.

Remember not to move around much after getting a bruise because jumping and running can increase the damage and avoid taking aspirin as it makes the bruise even worse and leads to unpleasant side effects.



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