90-Year-Old Woman Pregnant After Years of Praying!

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Margaret Allen is already a mother of 14 and is now pregnant with a 15th baby on the way…

Margaret Allen could possibly be the oldest woman to fall pregnant. The 85-year-old is no stranger to motherhood with 14 kids of her own…


But it seems that wasn’t enough for Margaret.

She said she’s always wanted grandchildren, but none of her kids have taken the plunge…

It was then she decided to take matters into her own hands and pray to have a child of her own that she can treat as a grandchild.

And it seems her prayers were answered…Now she is officially 4 months pregnant. She plans to name the child “Miracle”.

Allen said,

“I love kids, I’m not sure why my own kids won’t have kids. Shame on them! But God always answers my prayers and though, at my age I finally got knocked up. I pray hard enough, God will let me give birth to a grandchild. I mean, my own child that I will treat like a grandchild.”

Allen said the father is her 22-year-old friend.

Well, this isn’t something you hear about every day…!



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