A Priest Who Spent 20 Years Studying Aloe Vera Says That Cancer Can Be Cured! This Is The Recipe!

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Many people around the world are trying to discover the true medicine against cancer, the most spread diseases nowadays which takes millions of lives every year. Well, this is a story about a priest called Romano Zago from Brazil who discovered a natural cure for cancer, and the main ingredients is Aloe Vera plant. He dedicated 20 years of his life studying the plant in Brazil and Bethlehem.

During his stay in poor cities in Brazil, father Zago noticed that people there use Aloe Vera in the treatment of many different health conditions. This made him curious and he started studying the plant. After 20 years, he managed to discover a natural cure for cancer and he described it in his book “Cancer Can Be Cured”.

Father Zago claims that this remedy helped many people around the world in the treatment of brain, prostate, breast, bone and colon cancer. Here’s how to prepare the remedy:

In order to get the best results, you should use the Aloe arborescens plant, but if you can’t find it, then Aloe Vera will do just fine. To prepare the remedy, you’ll need to cut 300 gr. of the leaves and remove their thorns, then wash them well and mix them with 500 gr. of honey and 6 tablespoons of brandy or apple cider vinegar in a blender. Once blended, store the mixture in a glass jar and keep the jar in your fridge.

Make sure to take 1-2 tbsp of this remedy 3 times per day before meals in order to treat cancer. To get the best results possible, we suggest you to take 3 tsp on a daily basis and slowly increase the dose.

This dosage should last for 10-12 days. Make sure to take a break for ten days once you finish the first dosage, which will help you recover from the low toxicity of Aloe Vera and then repeat the treatment until you notice some positive results. The treatment can be safely used along chemotherapy.

Source: healthylifevision.com

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