All You Need Is A Thermometer: Home Test To Check The Thyroid Gland

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The activity of the thyroid gland could be seen through the temperature of the body, and this was discovered 50 years ago by Dr. Broda Barnes. He managed to discover a simple test you can perform it at home in order to discover whether your thyroid gland is working properly, so you should try it immediately.

In order to perform this test, you should take a thermometer and shake it, before bedtime. Be sure that the thermometer is showing a temperature that is below 35 degrees. In the morning, when you wake up, you need to put the thermometer underarms without clothes in between.

Allow it to stay for ten minutes, and after that look at the result. The result is known as “early morning basal body temperature.”

Results of the test:

Your thyroid is working properly if your body temperature is between 36.5 and 36.8 degrees.

A temperature below 36.5 degrees, is an indicator that your thyroid gland is working slow. As a result of that, you will experience hair loss, fatigue, lack of energy, lack of memory and concentration, depression, infections and chronic headaches.

A temperature that is higher than 36.8 degrees, shows you that the work of the thyroid gland is accelerated or there may be some infections in your body.

In order to get the accurate result, you should do the test for three days in a row. If the results show you higher or lower temperature than the normal one, you should consult your doctor in order to diagnose you properly.

When it comes to women, temperature can vary due to menstruation, but also due to some infections. This is the main reason why the test needs to be done when you are healthy and when your monthly menstrual cycle is over.

What is necessary for good operation of the thyroid gland?

A regular amount of vitamin B, vitamin A, magnesium, cortisol, good work of the liver and a life without stress are all important factors for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.



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