Always Read These Labels On Bottom Of Plastic Bottles, Otherwise You Can Get Poisoned Or Get Cancer!

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Many people worldwide are convinced that bottled water is enriched with more vitamins or minerals, but this is not true at all since it is just a tap water being bottled and flavor additives are being added in order to achieve the desired flavor. Moreover, the bottles used to store the water can be very harmful due to the emission of the plastic when they come in contact with water.

Make sure to read the label when you buy bottled water in order to see whether the plastic is good or bad and if it can be reused or not. We created a small list of the labels that will help you to find this information.

Number 1

PET, PETE or number one are an indicators that the plastic bottle can be used only one time. if you reuse this plastic, it can expose you to EPA and prolonged use can cause hormone disbalance due to the high concenctration of antimony in this plastic. Some researches are concerned that these plastics are carcinogenic due to the possible leak of DEHA.

Number 2

If you look at the bottom of the bottle and you see the number 2 in a triangle, it means that it is a good plastic or so called HDPE or HDP. This kind of plastic has lower emission compared to the other kinds of plastic.

Number 3

The number 3 or V, PVC stands for plastics that contain 2 or more chemical components that can cause hormonal disbalance. Nevertheless, this kind of plastic is one of the most frequently used worldwide.

Number 4

Make sure not to buy bottles of water with the number 4 on the label or LDPE since it contains not known chemical that can emit when in contact with water. However, this plastic is more commonly used for plastic bags rather than containers.

Number 5

Number 5 or plastic labeled with PP is also a good type of plastic. They come as transparent or white. PP plastic is mostly used for making yogurt cups or syrup bottles.

Number 6

Avoid plastics that have the mark PS or number 6 since they can emit styrene which is believed to be carcinogenic. This type of plastic is used in fast food packaging, foam packaging, etc.

Number 7

Number 7 or plastuc known as PC is the worst since the plastic is not even labeled. Those plastics that are not labeled are know for their emission of BPA which is an extremely harmful substance. The worst part is that this type of plstic is widely used in the production of sports drink bottles, infant bottles, food containers, etc.

As you can see, there are many plastics that are really harmful for our overall health, so make sure to choose the ones labeled with 2,4 or 5 since they are far less harmful that those labeled with 1,3,6 or 7. Furthermore, bottles with number 1, 3 and 8 should not be reused and number 6 should be avoided for use at all costs.




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