Amazing Juice Drinks for Allergies

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The most cause of seasonal allergies or  allergic rhinitis and hay fever,is airborne pollen.

Most people turn to decongestants and antihistamines to relieve their symptoms.

But most of these drugs may cause significant side effects,and relief may be short lived.

You can use the juice recipes below to relieve and help keep your allergy symptoms awey


Anty Allergy Juice Drink – 1


6-ounce carrot

2-ounce pineapple

2-ounce celery

1-ounce beets


1-Put all ingredients in juicer.

2-Mix well and drink.



Note pinapple contains bromelain,an enzyme that is an approved treatment for inflammation and swelling of the ear, nose and sinuses.


Anti Allergy Juice Drink-2




1 large beet


1.Mix all ingredients in a juicer and serve.


Apples – Are rich in vitamins A, B and C, that help cleanse the system and helps in digestion.

Beet – Hight in vitamin A antioxidants and betaine,an enzyme that strengthens the gallbladder and liver.

Carrots – An antioxidant that helps boost immunity.It is contains antibacterial properties,that help cleanse the liver and digestive sistem.



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