Are you washing the chicken before cooking? Read this and you will never do it again!

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Most people are washing the frozen chicken before cooking. It seems logical because with washing you should protect yourself and your family from food poisoning.

Are you washing the chicken before cooking Read this and you will never do it 1again!

‘You should know that if you bought a frozen chicken, it already has salmonella or Campylobacter or even both’ – says Prof. Jennifer Kwinlan, from the Drexel University.

These bacteria are the most common reason for food poisoning. With washing you will probably spread the bacteria all over the kitchen or even on you. The water cannot destroy the bacteria.

People are washing the chicken because of numerous reasons: To clean it from germs, visible dirt etc.

When you wash the chicken you spread the bacteria on the sink and nearby surface with the process known as aerosolization.

Try to avoid that risk and do not wash the chicken as by cooking at high temperatures you will kill all the bacteria.

You can remove the dirt with paper towel as it is the safest way. Clean the chicken with this towel and throw it in the garbage immediately.

Only in Great Britain is proven that 280.000 people every year are diagnosed with contamination, caused by the Campylobacter and in most cases the contaminations occur due to washing the chicken.  The solution lies in motivating the farmers so they will try hard to sell chickens which are not contaminated with bacteria


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