Aspartame Poisoning Causes This to Your Body!

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Although the chances are that you have never heard of it, aspartame poisoning is actually a real thing. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which is also known as nutrasweet or aminosweet, and it is detrimental for the health. Rhonda’s sister got aspartame poisoning.

According to what was written on her blog, her sister started getting very ill in October in 2001. She found getting around difficult and she experienced stomach spasms. Walking was a difficult task for her. She was in excruciating pain and it was extremely difficult for her to even get out of bed.

She had undergone a few muscle and tissue biopsies by March 2002. She was taking 24 different prescribed medications. However, the doctors could not find what the matter was.

Nevertheless, the doctors though that she had Multiple Sclerosis. However, they were very wrong.

Not long after learning about what could actually be wrong with her sister, Rhonda remembered an article about aspartame that she had read. Then, Rhonda asked her sister if she had drank soda. The answer to this question was positive, and she actually drank a lot.

Rhonda told her sister to stop drinking soda instantly. The following events changed Rhonda’s sister’s life forever.

She called Rhonda soon after their conversation and told her she stopped drinking soda, and also informed her that she is able to walk. She no longer felt muscle spasms. She wasn’t feeling perfect, but she was feeling quite better.

Some of the symptoms of aspartame poisoning can be dizziness, increased blood pressure, decreased vision, and headaches.

In order to prevent aspartame poisoning you need to stop consuming foods which contain it.


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