Be careful: The cheap sunglasses damage the your eyesight

The cheap sunglasses are very harmful, especially for children. If your child has no quality glasses, it is better to not wearing glasses.
Sunglasses have become more like a fashion accessory and protection of the eyes became secondary. Although the quality sunglasses are far more expensive than the cheapest ones that can be found even in a kiosk, but the fact is that of sun glasses should not be spared.
So, be careful! The cheap sunglasses can “kill” your eyes. Plastic through which you see, except that adequately does not protect from the sun’s rays additionally distorts vision because the eyes are additionally tiring, and it can lead to visual impairment. Of such sunglasses especially are sensitive children, so it is better not to wear any glasses.
When buying a sunglass should look out for the following:

The glasses must primarily protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation. The cheap sunglasses have no such protection, or protection is very low quality and has little effect.
In quality eyeglasses must be labeled on the percentage and type of radiation that block. The most important thing is not to miss out ultraviolet rays. Also, if the glasses write that they are “polarized” that does not necessarily mean that they will protect you from UV radiation – “polarized” means to reduce the glare of the sun from the areas that surround us.

Do sunglasses are quality, you can simply check out the following.

Put the glasses, find your field of vision a flat line and stare at it. Close one eye and slowly Move, Move with your head up and down and left-right. Repeat with the other eye. If the lens is quality, then the line that you see in every moment will be flat, otherwise, the glasses are not that quality as the seller will claim.

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