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For two years, doctors told mom, Daina Pereira, that her daughter would never see or hear her voice because of birth defects. Yet even after 7 failed surgeries, Pereira refused to accept her daughter’s current situation. While most would have given up, Pereira pushed forward even when doctors insisted there was nothing more they would do.

2-year-old Nicolly Pereira was born completely blind because of her pediatric glaucoma, but faced even bigger hurdles because she was also born deaf. Because of her disabilities, she had limited interaction with her mom, never learned to speak, and couldn’t walk.

To spread the word about her daughter’s condition and help her find a doctor that would give Nicolly another look, the Brazilian 26-year-old mom shared their story on Facebook and eventually it caught the attention of the Jackson Health Foundation’s International Kids Fund, which raised money so she could get seen by doctors on Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

“When she arrived, I felt I had made a mistake, because normally when they have the children arrive, they have some sort of vision that’s measurable,” Alana Grajewski, director of the institute’s pediatric glaucoma center, said. “We have a technician look at them initially and . . . they wrote down that Nicolly couldn’t see anything, not even a light.

But three hours later, the surgery was complete and Nicolly was just days away from seeing her mom. “I loved the feeling of first seeing her mom’s face. While waiting for her eyes to heal so they could return home to Brazil, they stopped to see doctors at the University of Miami to check her ears, and doctors found that Nicolly wasn’t actually deaf. A buildup of water had made it impossible for her to hear, but a quick surgery drained it and finally let her hear.

Nicolly finally had her hearing back, and was able to see and hear her mother for the very first time. “That just moved me so much. . .  Then all of a sudden, she realized: ‘Oh my gosh, that’s my mom.’ And her mother could tell the recognition. It was just one of those moments — priceless,” Grajewski said.

Watch the entire video below to see the touching moment this little girl sees and hears mom.

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Source : lifedaily


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