British college student raises $43K to repay homeless man who offered her his last $5

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More than £40,000 has been given to a homeless shelter in Lancashire by a student who raised the money after a homeless man helped pay for her taxi home after a night out.

The Help Robbie fund was set up by former University of Central Lancashire student Dominique Harrison-Bentzen.

Dominique was stranded in the city centre on December 4 when Robbie offered her £3 to help her get home safe.

The student declined to take his pocketful of change but was so touched by the gesture she set out help him get off the streets.

Dominique slept rough as part of the fund-raising campaign and donations flooded in after their story captured the hearts of the public.

Thanking all their supporters, Dominique said: “The funds have been passed on to The Foxton Centre, a local homeless organisation within Preston with a huge record of success.

“It has been agreed that the money will be used as intended to re-home as many people as possible in Robbie’s situation, of course along with Robbie who will have access to help and support.”


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