Cancer Can Be CURED And This Doctor Refused To Keep Quiet – He Shared The Truth

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This story is about Collin T. Campbell, a professor who managed to discover the cure for cancer, and even though he was threatened not to reveal the remedy with the public, he decided to do that and save millions of lives.

He conducted his research at the Cornell University where he discovered that animal products like meat, milk and fish are the major causes for the development of cancer. Moreover, he discovered that casein, the main protein in milk is the major cause of breast cancer.

Due to the fact that his main goal is to provide health to everyone, he disapproved of popular diets.

Doctors can’t give diets since they don’t have the professional training, but he can because he has spent more than 50 years in publicly financed labs and he now wants to share the results of his research with the world.

The results from his research showed that the consumption of animal products activates the cancer cells. On the other hand, reducing the consumption of meat reduces the risk of developing this terrible disease. This means that high protein intake increases the proliferation of cancer cells and provides oxygen to free radicals, which are often the cause of cancer.

He revealed that the remedy for cancer lies in plants.

Due to the fact that Dr. Campbell lived on a farm as a child, he began researching dietary protein among children in the Philippines and was in shock when he discovered that animal protein causes the development of liver cancer.

This is why he decided to write a book on diet and epidemiologic studies along with his son Thomas back in 2005.  Luckily, his book sold over million copies all around the world and was translated in 25 different languages. Later on, in 2013, he wrote another bestseller book in which he mentions how casein is the worst carcinogenic ever identified.

He was prevented to try some human clinical trials, but still some smaller studies showed that plant-based diet can ACTUALLY treat heart disease.

Yet another professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, Dr. Edward Giovannucci agrees with Dr. Campbell’s discoveries and he states that common diet is the major cause for all diseases.

Unfortunately, people still continue eating animal products on a daily basis despite the fact that milk doesn’t improve the quality of bones in the later years, but it actually increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Even though the Cornell Chronicle wanted to publish the discovery of Dr. Campbell, they couldn’t due to the pressure done by the Big Pharmacy industry on universities and small media.

However, nowadays he is presenting his research among people in North Carolina and New York and he speaks of how our government is ignoring science while it praises and thrives off corporative research.

Sadly, people are unaware of the fact that dairy products can lead to fatal consequences, and they continue consuming them which helps the global economy to spread across crops, livestock, agriculture and Agrochemical Corporation to hospitals and medical facilities as well as drugs and pharmaceutical companies.


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