Caring Couple Adopts Seven Kids In The Span Of Five Years

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Acouple’s choice to adopt a baby usually isn’t one made hastily. It takes a lot of careful thought, consideration, and preparation: Are these parents, who may or may not already have biological children, ready to bring these kids, often abused and neglected, into their home?

Many couples hear the spiritual call to adopt, while others simply know that it is the option for them because their family just feels incomplete in a way. Lisa and Steve felt this way, but only after a year of fostering a little baby girl named Erin.

It was a challenge for the couple, as Erin was born addicted to drugs. With their help and love, she was able to grow into a healthy and happy baby girl.

Then, the family made a stunning discovery: Erin had an older brother, and Lisa and Steve decided to adopt him, too. The boy had been neglected, but quickly learned to love his new home and family.

But the parents, who now had four kids (two of which are biologically theirs), continued to foster children, and the process took on a life of its own. Lisa suddenly decided that she wanted a very large family, and when you see photos of her kids just five years after Erin’s adoption, you’ll be stunned!

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