Chewed a gum 7 hours a day and now going through horror…

British Claire Embelton thought that daily chewing gum is a healthy habit that contributes to the hygiene in the mouth; however, it was faced with a serious health problem for which will have to be built an artificial jaw joints.

38-year-old Claire Embelton, IT expert and mother of four, had a seemingly harmless habit – chewed gum for seven hours a day. However, after five years of gum daily, this woman faced with serious damage to his jaw because he will have to undergo surgery.
Namely, due to frequent the same movements, her jaw joints (temporo-mandibular joint) are damaged to the extent that Claire could not open his mouth more than a centimeter.
Because it she caused very big trouble eating and even talking during laughter, the unfortunate woman had to turn for help to the doctor.
“When they told me that chewing gum caused ‘spending’ of the jaw joints are now virtually unusable, I was shocked. Chewing gum mostly chewed after eating or drinking because I believed thus contributing to hygiene in my mouth. The always cared chewing gum to be sugar free, which does not damage the tooth enamel, “explains Embelton.
The first “symptom” of the damage appeared two years ago when at meal, her jaw “squeak”.
“It was a very uncomfortable feeling which later continued to repeat. However, I do not imagine that it is related to chewing gum and continued to consume after every meal. ”
A year after that, as he chewed gum from her favorite producer, her jaw suddenly engages. Her attempts something to uttered and “restore” the jaw in the slot have been very painful.

After it was concluded temporo-mandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ, including problems with the jaw joint and the muscles that surround Claire Embelton was sent to surgical treatment.
“We are talking about serious operation because the doctors cut me under the ears on both sides of the neck. The recovery is long and there is a risk of permanent scarring. All this makes me very afraid, but I have no choice, “she says.
This woman decided to talk about her problem for all people to stress the danger of excessive use of gum that actually are not at all healthy. As the doctors explained to her, the human jaw must not to be continuously in operation between meals and muscles that support the need to rest. Otherwise, they lose their function and causes health problems

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