Detoxify And Strengthen Your Liver With This Beverage

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Here’s a powerful recipe worth saving

Of all of our organs, the liver is considered to be the heaviest and largest gland in the body. It serves to produce substances that aid in digestion, synthesis of proteins and regulation of red blood cells. It can be located in the upper right quadrant just below the diaphragm, from where many different important functions are performed.

When we think about the liver though, the first thing that generally comes to mind is how it metabolizes and protects us from harmful drugs, alcohols, sugars and cholesterol, among other things. That’s why people who generally have a damaged liver also lead an unhealthy lifestyle and don’t care much for what they are putting into their precious bodies.

The truth is the liver has many different tasks and functions and when its overloaded it’s likely to end up getting damaged. This can culminate in liver disease which will then in turn can be fatal.

The solution is fairly simple; Eat healthy foods and change your lifestyle for the better, by placing emphasis on not just your eating habits, but improving your mental and psychological wellbeing through things like exercise, yoga and meditation. If you do this, you will keep your liver — and entire body — in good condition.
In your responsible efforts to keep your liver healthy and your body strong overall, this homemade juice recipe has specifically been put together to help keep your liver functioning fluidly and effectively.
Ingredients (organic is always best): 
– 250 grams of chopped up pears 
– 2 centimeter long piece of non irradiated ginger, minced 
– 1 medium-sized lemon 
– 25 grams of chopped up celery 
– 125 grams of shredded cabbage 
– 10 grams of fresh mint leaves 
– 500 milliliter of filtered water (reverse osmosis to remove fluoride is best)
1. Place your cabbage, pears, celery and ginger in a blender. 
2. Add half of the amount of your water to them. 
3. Blend for a while just to have all of the ingredients mixed very well. 
4. Squeeze your lemon juice into them. 
5. Throw your fresh mint leaves into the mix. 
6. Add your remaining water and blend until smooth. 
This drink will not only improve the functionality of your liver, but will improve your vitality overall and give your a natural energy boost.

For maximum results it is recommended to drink this recipe twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.



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