Doctor Reveals an Ingenious Trick For Cleaning the Ears (video)

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The point is to soften the hardened wax in the ears, and it can be easily done by pouring some oil in the ear. In severe cases, it helps to use a syringe with a mixture of vinegar and alcohol.


While most know that cotton swabs just push the cerumen inside, causing inflammation and blockage, they still use them.

Moreover, people often use other, often dangerous, methods without much results. Doctor David Gill, an American pediatrician, says no one should forcibly remove wax from the ears, as there are many other more effective methods.

For larger deposits, it is important to soften the hardened wax with some oil. Therefore,  dip a piece of cotton in oil and put it in your ear, without pushing it inside.

Then, shake the head a bit to help the earwax move to the outer ear channel. Wait for two to three minutes and put a few drops in the ear once more.

If this does not help, then mix equal amounts of vinegar and medical alcohol, and using a syringe, put this solution in your ear, wait a bit and remove the fluid from the ear.


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