Doctor Told This 82-Year Old Man That Only 13% Of His Heart Is Functioning. See How He Healed Himself!

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In this article we will present you a story about a man who managed to cure himself with the help of carrot juice. The doctors told this 82-years-old man that only 13% of his heart is functioning properly.

The doctors suggested different treatments which only prompted to extra health problems. For instance he was told that his kidneys will fail and there is nothing more to be done. His family was crushed and hopeless, so they started planning his passing.


Due to his terrible condition, he was not able to urinate, feeble and he was experiencing crippling agony. One day, being extremely ill, he asked for a glass of carrot juice from his grandson. Even though it might sound unbelievable to you, once he drank the carrot juice, he soon started urinating properly and he could even consume some food.

Moreover, he was feeling energized once again, his pee started to clear up and his circulatory strain levels improved as well. His situation got much better within a week of drinking carrot juice. He drank it three times per day.

When then men went to the healing center, the results shocked the specialist. Moreover, he was also discharged from the doctor’s facility and he is now resting and feeling healthier than ever.


The U.S Department of Agriculture prescribe 17.5 to 21 measures of vegetables per week, and the consumption of carrots helps you achieve these numbers. Moreover, the USDA claims that the consumption of veggies on a regular basis can prevent the development of many health issues such as kidney failure, tumors, coronary disease, etc. Moreover, the carrots contain a lot of important vitamins which will help you preserve the health of your heart.


The best solution against coronary illnesses is the intake of vitamin A because this vitamin actually helps you prevent the thickening of the ventricular dividers and stress which leads to heart related issues.


The Linus Pauling Institute claims that the consumption of carrots can lessen the danger of creating coronary illness due to its high content of vitamin C. Moreover, it also has the ability to prevent the danger of biting the dust from heart-related sickness. Eating carrots on a daily basis gives up to 10% of the prescribed amount of vitamin C.


The Protein Gas6 is actually a compound which advances cell correspondence and vitamin K is the one that initiates it. Moreover, this vitamin also holds blood coagulating within proper limits which as a result counteracts over the top blood thickening which furthermore, affects the heart negatively.




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