Don’t Drink Water That’s Been Sitting Overnight – Or Longer!!!

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Never put a glass of water on your night stand and drink it during the night when you get thirsty because it’s not healthy at all.

There are a lot of unhealthy things that can happen if you leave a glass of water on your night stand, such as an odd passing mosquito can drop into the glass. However, a closed container is also not the best solution because out skin is coated with skin cells, dust, sweat, etc, so once we put the bottle in our mouth, these can all “backwash” into the remaining water, causing contamination.

There are bacteria in our saliva as well, so this can also cause the same. Marc Leavey, MD, primary care specialist at Mercy Medical Center in Massachusetts says:  “If it’s allowed to incubate for hours, that could potentially contaminate the water, and make you ill by reintroducing that bacteria. Once you have put your lips to the bottle, you should consume that bottle in one sitting and then discard it.”

Even though you leave your own bacteria and you won’t get sick, it is still not advisable to drink from used drinking glasses and this especially applies to those with reduced immune system such as transplant patients, people undergoing chemotherapy or people dealing with HIV.

It is also not recommended to leave water in your car since when left on sun exposure, will heat up and will become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Even if you put it under your seat, the bacteria will still grow.

Sadly, almost all plastic containers contain BPA or similar hazardous chemicals which leach into the water when exposed to sunlight. According to a certain research, BPA causes some health conditions which affect the brain and our behavior. However, the FDA claims that the levels of BPA in plastic containers are within safe limits.

Instead of using plastic bottles, you should use metal bottle, but this doesn’t eliminate this issue because metal can also heat up quickly which leads to multiplication of germs.

Make sure to stay hydrated because it is extremely important for our overall health. However you should pay attention to some things in order to stay healthy and as Dr. Leay says:  “Avoid putting your mouth to the bottle. Just pour it into a cup or pour it directly into your mouth.”


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