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The honey market around the world is flooded with fake products made
from corn syrup, sugar and additives, while the commercial brands of
honey are industrial made. It doesn’t matter if we want to admit it or not –
pricier honey doesn’t guarantee quality. However, the least we can do is
learn the difference between fake and real honey, and we have a few tips
that can help.
“The first thing you can do is rub some of the honey between your fingers
– if it’s sticky, it is full of sugar and other additives. Real honey isn’t sticky
when rubbed between the fingers,” one beekeeper tells us.

Another great tip is to put a few drops of honey on a napkin and see if it
goes through easily. Real honey doesn’t contain water and won’t get
through the napkin quickly. You can also put a teaspoon of honey in a
glass of water and see if it goes down to the bottom – real honey will fall
at the bottom in a blob, while fake honey will melt immediately.
Put some honey on a piece of bread and see if it stiffens – fake honey
contains a lot of water and will make the piece wet. When eating real
honey, you should feel a slight pricking in your mouth, which won’t
happen with fake honey. Real honey will crystallize when left in the cold,
and will also light up if lit with a match.


Linden honey

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Linden honey is clear and sweet. It can relieve numerous respiratory
disorders and is recommended against colds and the flu. It stimulates

sweating and improves digestion, while soothing pain and relieving
cramps. Linden honey is also useful against kidney problems.

Single flower honey

This honey is made from different flowers and has a sweet and aromatic
taste. Flower honeys are recommended for recovery after an illness as
they can strengthen the immune system.

Acacia honey

The acacia honey has a bright yellow color and sweet taste. This type of
honey is useful against cardiovascular problems and constipation and also
has a sedative effect that will help you overcome insomnia and relieve

Forest honey

The forest honey is definitely the most appreciated type of honey. It
crystallizes pretty fast and has powerful anti-inflammatory and
antimicrobial properties. Due to the high iron content, forest honey is
recommended to anemic people, and will also help you recover after a
serious illness or surgery. This type of honey contains numerous essential
minerals and only a bit of salt

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