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Don’t wash the chicken meat before cooking because that leads to double pollution and risk of bacterial infection- says the newest advice for prevention of spreading the bacteria found in the meat.


It`s not that the chicken meat should not be washed, it`s that we do it on a wrong way. People know about this kind of food poisoning, but a big park of them is not aware of it. An online survey conveyed among 4.500 Britons by the Agency for Food Standards, shows that 44% of the respondents wash the chicken before cooking it.

Experts say that through the water drops, there appears an environment for spreading the so called Campylobacter on the hands, work surfaces, clothing, kitchenware and devices. If you don’t wash the meat, the harmful bacteria are destroyed in the process of cooking, during the heat treatment.


In Britain, every year 280.000 people suffer from the bacteria, although, according the survey, only 28% of the people have heard about it.  Campylobacter is the most common form of food poisoning, and we generally receive it from poultry, in the struggle to meticulously, insufficiently remove it.

That`s why, the main advice of the Agency is to avoid direct contact with raw poultry. The symptoms of this poisoning last several days, but the bacteria can also be deadly, especially for children of less than 5 years. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, fever and weakness.

In most people, the infection passes for several days, but it can sometimes lead to long-lasting health issues, including the bowel syndrome and the Guillain-Barre syndrome- serious diseases of the nervous system.

Only in Britain, Campylobacter influences 280.000 people every year and is the most common reason for food poisoning. The most frequent way of infection is exactly through washing the chicken meat. Children on the age of 5 and adults are the most vulnerable group.

Advice for use of fresh chicken

– Cover the chicken meat and keep it in the fridge/ freezer.

– Keep it on the bottom shelf, so that it doesn’t drip over the other food

– Don’t wash the raw chicken meat

– Thoroughly wash all the dishes, utensils, cutting boards and surfaces used during the preparation of raw chicken.

– Make sure that the meat is boiled or roasted well enough.

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