Dragon tonic – a universal remedy and natural infusion

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This dragon tonic, also known as Dragon cheekbones or Fire tonic is especially valued among herbalists. This infusion of apple acid contains powerful instigators of immunity and anti-virus properties and strong incentives circulation and digestion.
Easily fits into the daily diet, lifting the immunity and stimulating digestion.
It is particularly famous for its ability to prevent inflammation, symptoms of colds and flu and maximum shortening treatment if a disease.
Keep in mind that it takes about a month to mature.

Here is the recipe…
Dragon TONIC – Recipe

Time Preparation: 25 minutes


½ cup of peeled and in cubes chopped root of ginger

½ cup of peeled and chopped in cubes root of horseradish

½ cup of peeled and chopped in cubes root of turmeric or ¼ cup of horseradish (optional)

½ cup of garlic, chopped

¼ cup of onion, chopped

2 chopped chili peppers

Grated peel and juice of 2 lemons organic

About 500 ml of apple acid

Honey to taste

Optional accessories:

-few branches of fresh rosemary or thyme (optional)

½ teaspoon black pepper

Instructions for preparation:

Put in a glass jar, ginger, horseradish, onion, garlic, chili pepper and lemon juice with grated peel.
The jar should be filled about ¾. Pour the apple acid to be over vegetables, to prevent its decay.
If you use a metal cover cap under put gauze or baking paper, to prevent its corrosion from acid.
Keep in a dark place at room temperature for 2-4 weeks and preferably one month.
When dragon’s tonic is ready, stir well, and then filter through a fine strainer or gauze.
Add honey to taste and store in the fridge or in a dry and cool place. It has a long durability.


Preventive use 1-2 tablespoons;
Every 3 to 4 hours for symptoms of colds and flu.
For children or pregnancy used in smaller doses.

Here are some ways to use:
-like healthy drink, drink in a small cup (30 ml)
-if tea: inhale the vapors as you drink tea for a stuffy nose
-as juice for children: a small amount mixed in the freshly squeezed orange juice or lemon
-as marinade or salad dressing

How it works:
Apple acid against fungal and bacterial infections
Ginger root: clean the throat and reduces stuffy nose
Root of horseradish: it stimulates the body to get rid of excess mucus
Turmeric: one of the most powerful spices
Garlic, onion, lemon juice, chili peppers and copper-powerful healing ingredients

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