Drinking extreme cold water affects the heart beat

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Everyone is fond of drinking cold water in summer. Many people has the habit of drinking the water that is kept in freeze.

But drinking extreme cold water is harmful for health. Here are the disadvantages of drinking extreme water.

Drinking extreme cold water affects the digestive system and the blood canals gets contracted and the digestive process gets slow due to this the food doesn’t get digested properly and we won’t get proper nutrition.

The cold or iced water might cause heart attack. This makes the heart beat slow. Cold water excite the vague muscles. This is the main part of the automatic muscles system which controls the activities of the body. This also decrease the heart beat. So drinking extreme cold water may lead to this problem.

The normal temperature of the body is 37 degree Celsius. But when you drink extreme cold water your body needs lots of energy to convert the cold to hot.

The energy that is used in digestion will be invested here so that drinking extreme cold water lose the extra energy and our body won’t get proper nutrition.

Drinking extreme cold water affects the neck as well. This affects the muscles of the neck and there will be the risk of contamination.



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