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The ingredients you need are easily available and very cheap.

You want to renew your body, but you don’t know how?

Here’s a recipe for a meal that cleans the fats from your intestines and in that way, it decreases your weight, but also regulates the acid in your stomach.

The main ingredients of this more and more popular “vitamin salad” that enriches your body with vitamins and minerals are fiber and pectin.



  • Cabbage
  • Beet
  • Carrot
  • Lemon juice
  • Olive oil


Grate the cabbage, beet and carrot in proportion 3:1:1. You can add some herbs of your own taste (parsley, celery etc.) Mix the vegetables so that their juice releases. Then, add a little bit of lemon juice.

In the end, add some olive oil or other vegetable oil of your own taste. Do not put salt in the salad!

That’s it! Your meal is ready! Take this salad for dinner for three days and you’ll be able to see the results that will amaze you right away!

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