Everyone Has Cancer Cells in Their Body, This is How to Prevent Them From Becoming TUMORS

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It is believed that everyone has some level of cancer cells in their body.

These cells only become detectable when they reach a particular number that relevant tests can then identify their presence.

Here are real facts about cancerous cells;

  • It’s believed that cancerous cells will occurs a minimum of six times in the lifetime of an individual.
  • The stronger a person’s immune system the difficult it is for these cancer cells to develop into tumors.
  • There is a link between nutritional deficiencies and cancer and these deficiency could be caused by lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors.
  • You can strengthen your immune system by having a more balanced diet and with the intake of food supplements.
  • Chemotherapy will destroy both cancerous and healthy cells. It can lead to other health complications and organ damage including the heart, kidneys, liver and lungs.
  • Healthy cells, tissues and organs can be damaged, burnt and scarred when using radiation to treat cancer.
  • The size of a tumor can be reduced with both radiation and chemotherapy but this has long-term health implications to the victim.
  • The body’s immune system can be weakened by the increased toxicity to the body caused by chemotherapy treatment.
  • Both the radiation and chemotherapy treatment can cause cancerous cells to mutate and this makes it even more difficult to destroy the cancer cells.
  • Cancer cells can spread to other tissues and organs as a result of surgery.

Cancer can be effectively treated when you deny it the food(s) it feeds on to develop and multiply.

Here’s a list of food(s) cancer cells feed on and what you can do to avoid and prevent cancer development:

1. Refined Sugar

Cancer cells feed on refined sugar. Even sugar alternatives are made from aspartame and these are also detrimental to the body as cancer cells feed on them. Use natural sweeteners like pure honey.

2. Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk generates mucus in the gastro-intestinal tract, it is a known fact that cancerous cells feed off mucus. Use unsweetened soya milk instead to starve off cancer cells.

3. An Acidic Environment

Cancerous cells are very active in an acidic environment and this can be created with a regular consumption of meat-based diet. Instead of red meat eat chicken or turkey as red meat such as pork and beef is more acidic than white meat. You can also eat fish which has less acidity than even white meat.

4. Alkalize Your Body

You can starve cancer cells when you adequately alkalize your body and you can do so by ensuring your diet is rich in nuts, whole grains, seeds, fruits and green vegetables.

You will get to grow healthy cells quicker when you drink fresh veggie juice.

5. Stay Clear Of Chocolate, Tea And Coffee

Stay clear of foods that are high in caffeine like coffee. You can drink green tea as an alternative, it is known to combat cancer effectively.

You can also drink lots of filtered or purified water which has less toxins and heavy metals that are found in tap water. However, avoid distilled water as it is acidic.

6. Avoid A High Meat Diet

The protein from meat is difficult to digest and will need a large quantity of digestive enzymes in the digestion process. The undigested meat remains in the intestinal tract and this causes even more accumulation of toxins.

7. The Walls Of Cancer Cells Have A Tough Protein Based Coating

When you consume less meat, you allow your body to release enzymes that will invade the protein based coating of cancer cells and effectively destroy it.

8. Strengthen Your Immune System With Supplements

You can encourage your body’s natural immunity from cancerous cells destroy these malignant cells when you take supplements to boost your immune system. Such as; IP6, Essiac, Beta Glucan, EFAs, anti-oxidants, Flor-essence, minerals and vitamins.

9. Be Positive

It is believed that cancer is not just a physically debilitating ailment but one that can also affect a person’s mind and spirit.

You can get your body stressed out   and increase its acidity with when you have bitterness, anger and even animosity towards people. This will encourage the growth if cancerous cells.

10. Get Your Body Properly Oxygenated

Try regular exercises and deep breathing and oxygen therapy techniques to ensure that you have more oxygen intake reaching down to your cellular level.

Finally, you have to be very mindful and careful of the foods you eat, avoid fast food which comprise of processed and refined foods as they will increase the acidity in your body which cancer cells feed on.


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