Everyone Is Mad About This Recipe That Melts Fat Like Crazy

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Nowadays the problem with excessive fat in the blood is very common and the reason is the unhealthy and quick lifestyle, lack of physical activity and unhealthy food as well.

The color of the tissue among people who have an increased amount of fat is yellow and it is similar to a knot or a square, located on the upper eyelids or other parts of the body.

When the disease progresses the wall of the arteries are becoming thicker. The situation worsens with drinking alcohol and smoking.

Some of the consequences are certain cardiovascular diseases that are maybe the main reason for death among people in the entire world.

If you have excessive fat in your blood, we highly recommend to try this natural remedy that helped many people to solve this dangerous problem.

You will need:

• 3 dry figs
• 2 dl. of apple cider vinegar


In a glass bowl add the vinegar. Pierce the dry figs and add them in the bowl. Leave them overnight and eat the figs the next morning.

Do not throw away the vinegar. In the evening add additional 3 figs and make the same recipe.

You can use the same vinegar for a week. The figs are going to absorb most of the vinegar. On the eighth day add additional 2 dl. of apple cider vinegar and repeat the procedure for another seven days. You should do this treatment for 2 weeks.


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