FORGET Virus Zica THREATENS WORST EVER DISEASE:The virus can kill in day 450 million people

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Meningococcal meningitis, a disease that “can kill within 24 hours,” threatened to kill the 450 million Africans this year, experts have warned that continent.

“Meningococcal meningitis is a worldwide problem that, according to estimates, every year, affecting 1.2 million people and caused the death of 135,000 of them,” said the doctors from West and Central Africa at the meeting.
Twenty-six countries that are “in the African meningitis belt stretching from Senegal to Ethiopia, where he lived 450 million people, can severely hurt in periodic epidemics”, warned at the conference.

“Meningitis is still a problem, we have to act to prevent a tragedy,” said Elia Gilbernejr from Sanofi.
“We have called for the country to create a safety stock of vaccines against meningitis, which is coming, but we often do not hear. Waiting for the last time when the epidemic is already clear,” he lamented.

Professor Mamadou Keita from Mali Maruf advocated for “a campaign of mass vaccination to prevent a disease that is almost mowed down an entire generation.”

The epidemic of meningitis each year intervention Africa between May and December. Dry period with a strong wind that carries dust and cold nights exposes residents respiratory infections and facilitates the spread of bacteria.
The disease causes inflammation of the cerebral cortex and spinal cord and affects mostly children and young adults.



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