Half a liter of beer a day stimulates circulation and protects the heart


Half a liter of beer a day can improve heart health because it makes the arteries more flexible and stimulates circulation, showed the research conducted by the Greek University Harkopio.


According to this study, moderate drinking of beer is very beneficial for the body and the impact on improving of the flow of blood is visible already for three hours. Evidence suggests that consuming a half liter of beer a day reduces the risk of heart attack by a third, soda and beer have not that impact on the body.

Scientists tested it the improvement of blood flow to the heart, according to the rigidity of the aorta that after drinking the beer became more flexible. They believe that the good influence of beer on the bloodstream is credited a combination of antioxidants and alcohol, and dark beer has a better impact than light.

However, scientists say then you should not exaggerate whit daily alcohol because in that case he has contrary impact on health and contributes to the development of various diseases.


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