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Being nervous is very often appropriated by nail biting by some people. However, this might be a cause of other issues that can cause death. For this reason you will have to give up of this habit ASAP.

We are going to unveil a story of a man who did not act upon his doctor’s advice and kept biting his nails.


John Gardener, a 40-year-old man was not able to stop biting his nails even his doctor advised him to stop to. This caused septic infection and was quite severe that resulted into a heart attack. He bit his fingers until they started bleeding. His fingers were severely damaged and became numb of the pain when he used to inflicate on them. According to the doctors, the biting caused his nails to bleed and it the damage numbed his nails that the pain would no longer stop him from biting.

His doctors said that his nails were always bleeding when he came to the office. According to John, this habit was fueled by a continuous anxiety and went worse after he got depressed.

The bleeding worsened, and those bound infections caused septic infection and even 4 antibiotics couldn’t help him. For this reason his fingertips were amputated. Even though he felt good some time, but it did not last for long. Couple of days after John’s birthday, he experienced a heart attack from the septic infection. This was an unexpected tragedy and hit his family really hard. His mother, Jean Gardner, says that she does not wish anyone to go through such an experience as it is devastating.

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