He Decided To Drink Four Liters Of Water Daily For 30 Days, And The Changes Shocked Him

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One journalist who was working for the “Thirllist” website, decided to drink 4 liters of water every single day for a whole month. Even though he knew that water is very beneficial for our overall health, in the end, he was still surprised by the changes that took place after drinking a lot of water.

Day 1: The party starts

The journalist decided to buy a plastic bottle of one gallon and carry it the whole time with him. When he started, he realized that drinking that amount of water per day is not going to be that easy.

Day 5: I pee every 20 minutes

During the five days of his experiment, he already started loving this habit of drinking a lot of water throughout the day. No one drinks that much water because it seeks a great effort and people would need to drink water even though they are not thirsty at all. Dinking that amount of water will also prevent you eat more because of the constant feeling of fullness. As a result of this habit, you would also have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. People considered him a drug addict due to his frequent trips to the bathroom. He recalls being out and drinking, but, at every other drink he has been constantly running to the bathroom.

As you can all realize, 4 liters of water per day are just too much, and know you will see why.

Day 10: I became prettier…?

After ten days, the journalist noticed some changes in the morning. Before this habit, he used to be sleepy and needed a cup of coffee in order to open his eyes and start his day. Surprisingly, now he started waking up fresh and full of energy. He also got shinier and he started seeing himself as a more beautiful person. He continued carrying the bottle with him, even when he slept, and he decided to reach the quota.

Day 15: I’m full of energy

He used to drink 3 cups of coffee per day, but after this habit, he almost stopped drinking coffee and he was feeling more energized. Moreover, he used to run every day, and after 15 days of drinking water, he felt that he had become faster. When it comes to sleeping, he was feeling less hot and he started dreaming. Due to the fact his body got used to that amount of water, he felt thirsty whenever he did not drink water.

Day 20: People tell me I look like I am happier

At first, he thought that he did not know why was this happening, but then he remembered that he did know.

Day 25: I become a better person

The journalist had a girlfriend who noticed that his skin looked cleaner and that he was more energized. He also noticed the improvement in his mood. Drinking a lot of water became his daily routine, so he did not have problems any more.

Day 30: Free and clean

At the end of the month, he was still feeling the same, he had to go to the bathroom all the time and he was feeling great and young. When his experiment finished, he concluded that drinking a gallon of water [er day is too much, but anything less than 2 liters is not enough. He doesn’t recommend people to drink 4 liters of water per day, but he is satisfied with his experiment because he determined the amount of water people need to drink during the day. At least we are all aware that we need to drink more water. Drinking enough water will make us feel a lot better.



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