He Drank This Beverage Every Day and Lived 152 Years!

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Many people all over the world think that Norwegians have beautiful and healthy skin. The reason why they have a healthy skin  is because they drink an amazing and super healthy drink on a daily basis. The same drink helped one man to live for 152 years which is really amazing. Many experts worldvide are recommending this drink, including the famous Italian Dr. Paavo Ariola! The man who lived 152 years was a simple English farmer called the Old Thomas Parr. Remember that he drank this beverage every single day of his life. This miraculous drink is made of whey.


Whey – Health Benefits:

Whey is the initial type of a fluid that contains less that one percent healthy protein and more than 93% water. Moreover, it also contains the following nutrients: amono acids, enzymes, manganese, cobalt, vitamins, molybdenum, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, and cobalt. Whey is extremely useful for the fat burning process because 100 grams of whey contain only 26 calories. The best part about whey is that it can be consumed by both children and adults.

Whey – The Best Liver Cleanser:

As you all know, a healthy liver is extremely important for our overall health, so this beverage is the right solution for you because it is a powerful cleanser. The reason why whey helps you cleanse and improve the health of your liver is because it is loaded with beta– lactoglobulin, which provides amino acids called BCAA. The best solution for those who suffer from cirrhosis is to add this super healthy beverage into their diet. They will live longer and will have much better life.

Furthermore, the alpha-lactalbumin contained in whey is loaded with the essential amino acid tryptophan, known for improving your mood and help you sleep much better. The consumption of whey can also boost your immune system due to the high amounts of immunoglobulins and lysosomes. It is also loaded with cysteine which is extremely important for the production of glutathione in the body, an antioxidant that protects your body from all kinds of toxins and infections. Patients with hepatitis C have very low level of cysteine which makes the condition even worse.

Whey can also aid with troubles with the thyroid gland, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, numerous other sclerosis, and persistent inflammation due to glutathione, a powerful antioxidant contained in it.

Speed up the Weight Loss Process:

If you are trying to boost the fat burning process, you should definitely add whey in your diet since it has low levels of calories. Beside that, it is also loaded with electrolytes, which means that it will help you hydrate your body and give you more energy! So this is a reason enough to eliminate the consumption of energy drinks and drink this beverage instead.

We all know that football players, bodybuilders and athletes take protein powders. You should know that the main ingredient in them is whey. The reason why they consume this protein powder is because it helps them recover much fastwer, burn more fat and build more muscle. According to the experts, this beverage will help you regulate your glucose and blood pressure levels! Moreover, this miraculous beverage will also help you improve your digestion process, so here is what you need to know:

Improve your digestion

The consumption of whey will help you reduce the high amounts of fungi and bacteria in the gut due to the high amounts of lactic acids contained in it. According to the experts, the consumption of whey on a regular basis is extremely beneficial against irregular bowel movements, diverticulitis, colic, unwanted gas and against persistent swelling of the intestine.

This super healthy beverage can help you with:

  • Overindulging
  • Stress thickness
  • Liver
  • Cleansing the body of toxins.
  • High blood pressure
  • Candida
  • Low immune system
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Stomach discomfort

How to use it:

Note: You can either buy whey from the local supermarket or make it from raw milk. The best whey is goat whey, but cow whey is also beneficial. When it comes to whey, the most important thing is that animals shouldn’t be pumped with hormonal agents. You can get 1 Ibs. of cheese and nine liters of whey from 10 liters of milk.

Note: Make sure to consume this drink in moderation due to its diuretic properties. According to the experts, you are allowed to drink 150ml, 3 times per day. You can also increase the dose – up to a liter per day. If you experience some issues with your stomach, all you have to do is to mix 1tbs. of whey in a glass of water and drink this mixture before each meal!

As you can see, this super healthy beverage has numerous beneficial health properties which is a reason enough to incorporate it in your diet.



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