HEALING CLAY: It absorbs toxins from the body, heals wounds, cleanses the skin … (RECIPE

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You will be surprised when you see what can medicinal clay. When you drink, cleans the body of toxins and so raises immunity, and here for what is still used


Clay is one of the most powerful purifier of the organism that exists. It has enormous power absorption. Unbelievable efficiently absorbs toxins deposited in the body and kicks them out.

Where to buy clay? Which one to choose?

Clay is best to buy in herbal pharmacies, and can be found in major stores. It is produced in the form of granules or powder, but the easiest way to find one powder. There are several types of clay – green, red, yellow, gray and white. However, green clay is the most commonly used.

As the clay used?

There are clay for internal use, there is one that is exclusively for external use (ointments, masks). It is better to get one that is suitable for indoor use because it can not use for anything.


Clay drink, mixed with water. It is prepared in a glass beaker and stirred with a wooden or plastic spoon. In half a glass, add a small spoonful of clay. Let stand for 2-3 hours (or longer). In the morning on an empty stomach stir the liquid and drink. Drink only water (especially at the beginning), wait for the clay to fall to the bottom of the cup. During these treatments with clay, it is necessary to increase the intake of water, which speeds up the process of removing harmful substances from the body.

Consuming clay should not last longer than three weeks

The effect of clay is extremely strong, so the body can react to it. Therefore, in some cases it can make it worse instead of vice versa. However, it is necessary to consult a physician before deciding to use clay to treat. (Caution is especially recommended if you have high blood pressure, suffer from asthma or allergies)

Wounds and burns

There is no better means for wounds and burns of clay. It is mixed with blood and immediately creates a wound that heals three to five times faster than usual. You can sprinkle the clay as powder directly to a wound or a burn, but better sense will be, especially for burns if the clay create mud and spreads. The effect is amazing.

Clay and Beauty

Clay is used as a natural remedy for skin care face and body. Is very effective for the treatment of skin lesions, and for its regeneration. Clay may be used in the form of a breathing mask or bath. As the bath is easily absorbed, has a very beneficial effect on the whole organism because it relaxes, reduces fatigue and stress, the skin becomes healthy, supple, soft and elastic. Baths with clay relieves muscle tension, reduces joint pain.


In hot water for bathing add clay powder. Stay in the bath for about 30 minutes. In order to smoothly operate the entire body, apply the whole body of clay and leave it until it dries. Then it is necessary to remove the slightest trace of clay with the skin (longer showering with lukewarm water). This bath relaxes, releases of toxins and contributes to the beauty of the skin.


Mask with clay is used for deep cleansing – clay mix with a little cold water, apply on the face (avoid the area around the eyes and lips). After 10 minutes rinse with lukewarm water. However, this mask is best suited for oily skin, dry skin can further dry out.

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