Here Is How This Food Destroys Cancer Cells!

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Sweet potato is easily available and nutritious food which is considered as ‘super’ food. It has anticancer properties because of its unique protein content. 80% of its protein content is a pro-tease inhibitor type with anticancer properties. This protein was tested against leukemia, blood cancer and it can subdue the leukemia cell growth in petri dish.

Once the proteins hit the stomach, they begin to digest. To get around the digestion problem, the sweet potato was tested by the scientists against cancer cells on tongue. Those who suffer from tongue cancer are treated with chemotherapy and the drugs that they use have harmful effects, so it’s essential for them to discover alternative therapeutic strategies. The sweet potato’s protein diminished the in vitro cancer viability in only couple of days and that led the scientists to suggest that this amazing ingredient can be beneficial for treating tongue cancer.

The sweet potato’s protein was tested on nine women who suffered from cervical cancer and in two of the cases the protein survived the digestion and entered the blood stream. It was also tested against the colorectal cancer and showed amazing results. It stopped the disease’s development and reduced the migration and invasion of the cancer cells which confirms the great potential of sweet potato as a cancer cure.

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